24% of American VR users use Samsung’s devices

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摘要:NewZoo是一家市场研究机构,近日,这家调研机构发布了AR和VR行业的研究报告。从报告中显示,有28%的人在过去6个月里体验过VR。 报告指出,接受调查的美国人中,有28%的人在过去6个月里体验过VR。

NewZoo is a market research institute that recently released research reports on AR and VR industries. According to the report, 28% of people have experienced VR in the past six months. According to the report, 28% of Americans surveyed have experienced VR in the past six months. Of these people, 73% use VR to play games. Of those who played games, 76% played more than once. The report also points out that 17% of the Americans surveyed have a VR device, and 24% of them are made by Samsung. PlayStation VR and Oculus accounted for 22% and 21% respectively. Fourteen percent of people don't know what brand of VR equipment they are wearing. Among the people surveyed, 30% of the people who play VR games every month are hosted, while mobile VR and PCVR account for 28% and 24% respectively.

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