It’s hot! Nintendo Labo VR suite sold out

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摘要:包括亚马逊等大型零售商在内的美国各地的零售商表示任天堂 Labo VR套件已售罄,零售列表目前显示暂时缺货,虽然您可以购买更便宜的入门套装,但到货时间为1至2个月。

Retailers across the United States, including large retailers such as Amazon, said that Nintendo Labo VR suites were sold out, and the retail list now shows “ temporary shortage ” although you can buy cheaper entry kits, the arrival time is “ 1-2 months ”. However, at Nintendo's official online store, both products are currently available. However, given the situation faced by the other retailers mentioned above, it is not known how long this will last. So, what is the reason behind Nintendo Labo VR suite being sold out? Nintendo has not yet made an official statement. Shortage of supply and demand may be the direct cause. Before launching the VR suite, Target had a warehouse clearance sale on all previously released Labo suites. But now it is clear that the market is in short supply and needs a lot of production to replenish inventory. Nintendo's latest Labo suite, focusing entirely on VR, embodies the spirit of Labo and makes a temporary six-degree-of-freedom controller, which provides users with a creative VR solution. & The accessory is part of the complete Labo VR suite currently available for pre-purchase. After careful observation, it is likely that it only looks like an elephant to implement 6DOF input in context. It only needs Switch, cardboard, sticker and Joy-Con controller. The switch in the bracket is used as a VR viewer, and two Joy-Con controllers are placed in the elephant's & ldquo; backup box & rdquo; with two joints. Because there is an IMU inside the Joy-Con controller, and because the position of the joint is known, the position of the whole suitcase can be determined by inverse kinematics.

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