Verizon cooperates with ThirdEye Gen to develop smart minimal MR glasses

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摘要:Verizon正在与混合现实硬件公司ThirdEye Gen合作,此次合作将使ThirdEye Gen 和Verizon成为5G移动边缘计算的首个官方智能眼镜合作伙伴。

Verizon is working with Hybrid Reality Hardware Company ThirdEye Gen to make ThirdEye Gen and Verizon the first official smart eyeglasses partner for 5G mobile edge computing. ThirdEye ushered in new business opportunities after obtaining two technical patents for OLED display and low-latency data-flow architecture. Verizon and ThirdEye Gen's ongoing 5G project is expected to unlock key features of hybrid reality, such as MR hardware company Nreal, which has launched eyeglasses that can be paired with 5G mobile phones. The dramatically increased speed will make it possible for the mobile streaming media function of 3D video, especially real-time video. Mixed reality, for example, could soon be used to watch live sports events. On the enterprise side, 5G speedup is critical for a variety of applications, including linking on-site service technology with remote experts. One of the main early use cases of MR is the projection of instructions and animations into the real world through MR spectacles, enabling experts to guide on-site service technicians. This two-way 3D feed needs to transmit a lot of data, which is why 5G can change industry rules. The 5G bandwidth means that smart glasses can run without wifi. ThirdGen illustrates a possible use case in which automobile repairmen can scan objects such as complex motors with built-in cameras and send images to remote experts through on-site audio and video guidance for real-time help. ThirdEye claims that its XR MR glasses are the world's smallest hybrid reality smart glasses with only 170 grams, and that the X2MR glasses can display the same field of view as a 90-inch screen through two OLED displays. The retail price of X2MR glasses is less than $2,000 and is now on the market.

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