Multi-Sensory VR Mask Feelreal supports Arizona Sunshine

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If you want to have a good VR experience, you need a VR headset. "Sunshine of Arizona" can be said to be a very famous zombie type of VR game, recently, Feelreal head display will be adapted to this game, so what is the effect? VR head display was once considered a PC or host game accessories. Then companies trying to develop additional features may find it difficult to make progress in such a stable market. In 2015, Feelreal and its VR masks launched a crowd-raising campaign that ended in failure. But since then, the VR market has undergone tremendous changes, and Feelreal's latest crowdsourcing campaign has now been completed, reaching seven times its original financing target. Feelreal's crowdsourcing campaign easily reached its target of $20,000 within the first hour of its launch and raised $75,000 within 24 hours. Over the remaining 29 days, the team earned $140,794 from 561 supporters, a clear indication that VR enthusiasts want to feel the wind/heat on their faces and smell any VR experience they play. The tremendous success of this campaign has added more game support to Feelreal, such as Guided Meditation VR and Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams. Tip: There are zombies and plenty of sunshine in the next supported VR game. Feelreal multi-sensory VR masks can produce a variety of odors, water mist, cold/warm wind, vibration and impact, and can provide 255 personal fragrances for masks. It is installed at the bottom of a series of devices, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go.

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