AR Smart Glasses North Focals launched a new feature

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North, a Canadian professional smart glasses company, recently launched an update for its Focals smart glasses. It is understood that the update of glasses, adding Google Fit, Slides and distraction mode. In addition, North Focals has added & ldquo; session detection mode & rdquo;. When this mode is enabled, Focals will use its embedded microphone to check whether you are talking or listening to someone else. If the system detects that you are talking, it will keep all the notifications and push them when you are ready to read the details of the notifications. As for privacy issues related to allowing smart glasses to listen to conversations, North claims & ldquo; your conversations are not recorded on Focals, so you will not send anything to the cloud or store it on our servers & rdquo;. In addition, the latest updates include Google Slides, a tool that allows Focals wearers to create mini-prompters after installing the Focals Connect Chrome extension. When used in conjunction with Focals Ring Controller, this feature provides a better way to present public presentations, so that you don't have to constantly view presentations on your laptop, but keep your face and eyes locked in the crowd, just like a real public speaker.

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