Wearable VR motion system WalkOVR achieves crowdsourcing goals in four hours

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The treadmill can provide us with a sense of immersion similar to what we see in science fiction and television, but solutions that don't require a lot of equipment are ideal for families. WalkOVR is achieving this goal through its wearable motion capture system, which supports users to move around in a virtual environment. WalkOVR works by connecting four sensors to the user's legs. Each leg has two sensors. Then the motion capture sensor can be used as a lightweight motion suit to achieve more realistic action in VR. This is not a one-to-one exercise, but walking in place can enhance immersion and more natural movement than just waving your arms or using a simulated rocker. WalkOVR supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift, PSVR Head Display. After WalkOVR was launched on Kickstarter, VR sports solutions were funded in just four hours. Currently, WalkOVR's crowdsourcing target is $25,000 and its revenue is $55,539. WalkOVR suits are now available for $169 for early birds, and WalkOVR retails for $249. This new sports suite aims to solve the pain points of mobility restrictions that VR players often encounter today. It is reported that WalkOVR was founded in 2016, its first product is an all-round VR treadmill: ODT. And this public product is the exploration of capture technology. WalkOVR provides users with the ability to control digital characters through natural actions. They can play virtual reality games in the proper way. They will no longer be able to control the whole body movement by both hands, but hand-to-foot correspondence, and experience virtual space naturally as in the real world.

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