VR Shooting Game Space Junkies Supports PS Move Handle Controller

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摘要:Ubisoft最近更新了PSVR版本Space Junkies(2019),这是一款竞技场射击游戏,并支持PS Move手柄控制器。 Space Junkies在3月份同时在PlayStation Store,Steam和Oculus Store上推出,支持所有主要的PCVR头显。

Ubisoft recently updated the PSVR version of Space Junkies (2019), an arena shooting game that supports the PS Move handle controller. Space Junkies was launched simultaneously in March on PlayStation Store, Steam and Oculus Store to support all major PCVR headlights. However, its version on PSVR needs to be improved because PSVR users can only use Dual Shock 4 game handles, while Vive and Rift players make full use of the respective handles of the two companies. Initially, the PSVR version with game handle control was developed for necessary purposes. Move's inherent thumb stick or large enough touch pad will make it more difficult to control players quickly and accurately. In order to enhance the immersion of PSVR users (Ubisoft regards Space Junkies as a new electronic competitive product), the studio finally updated the game's support for the Move controller. Adrian Lace of Ubisoft Montpellier explains some of the changes that the game now supports PS Move. According to Lace, PSVR users can now perform actions on Vive / Rift, including grabbing swords or shields and moving left and right. Despite having to use PS Move's small buttons for fine control, at least now it gives users extra immersion, allowing players to shoot two shots in the game and experience the game's smart watch style UI interface.

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