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摘要:随着最新的Windows MR头显HP Reverb的推出,该公司希望通过功能更强大的PC VR头显加强其常规产品,让HP Reverb能够直接与高端设备竞争。

With the introduction of the latest Windows MR header HP Reverb, hopes to enhance its regular products through a more powerful PC VR header so that HP Reverb can compete directly with high-end devices. In terms of visual appeal, HP Reverb is a beautiful head show. Fashionable and lightweight design with charcoal fabric front panel, simplified single cable to make the overall shape simple and generous. Because of the use of internal and external tracking, the experience provided by head display becomes more convenient, and no external sensors are needed to track its position. HP Reverb is also one of the most comfortable headbands at present. Ergonomic straps play an important role in balancing the overall weight of headband. The lightweight weight of HP Reverb is largely attributed to intelligent design choices, thus allowing better weight distribution. Machine washable facial pads provide sufficient comfort and are excellent at preventing any external light from leaking into the head display. HP Reverb has built-in spatial audio, which is provided by two ear-in headphones. It is optional to insert a third-party headset through a 3.5mm jack at the back of the head display. For convenience, Reverb's front shade can be raised by several inches. When you need to understand the real world, you can use Microsoft's patented hybrid reality - ldquo; Flashlight - rdquo; to illuminate the real world, thanks to Reverb's two front cameras. The visual effect on HP Reverb is excellent. With two 2.89 inch LCDs, each eye has a resolution of 2160 & times; 2160 pixels, the texture presented by the visual experience contains a lot of details, thus creating a super-realistic environment, allowing you to experience immersion more deeply. Software-based automatic IPD adjustments can be well adapted to the user's personal preferences, but this is limited to your IPD measurements within the permissible range of 55 mm to 71 mm. Similar to other Windows hybrid reality devices, HP Reverb users can start experiencing in customizable home spaces called & ldquo; Cliff House & rdquo, which allows users to browse their games and applications, check the weather, visit Microsoft stores, move 3D furniture, project 2D windows anywhere on the wall, and even stream their favorite media. Personal Family Cinema.

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