Quest supports capturing screen shots and recording videos in Head Display

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The good news for Quest users is that Quest can capture screen shots and record videos directly in the headshow, and transfer these files to PC for editing and sharing. How to capture screen shots and record videos in Oculus Quest is very simple when you use Oculus Quest. All you have to do is press the Oculus Home button on the right side of the touch, navigate to Sharing on the main menu, and then click to take a picture or record a video. If you click & ldquo; Photo & rdquo;, you switch back to your application and flicker for a few seconds in the upper right corner of the view before taking a screenshot. If a video is recorded, the red dot will remain there as long as the recorded content is used as a reminder. To stop recording, simply return to the menu and click Record Video again. How to transfer screenshots and videos from Oculus Quest to transfer files from Quest to PC for editing and sharing is also simple. First, make sure your Quest is not in developer mode. You can do this by opening the mobile application for setting Quest, clicking Head Display in the & ldquo; Setting & rdquo; Menu, clicking & ldquo; Setting more & rdquo; and then ensuring & ldquo; Developer Mode & rdquo; Switching off. Then, all you have to do is plug Oculus Quest into the PC and start it up quickly by switching from USB-C to USB cable. Open the file resource manager on the PC and you will see & ldquo; device and driver & rdquo; the following processes as well as hard disk drives and other storage media. To find screenshots and videos, navigate to Oculus> screen shots or Oculus> VideoShots, and drag and drop. Keep in mind the following points: All screen shots and videos are shot at 1024 x 1024 resolution. Because of the variable refresh rate in the video, the audio will often lose synchronization with the video material. This means that most Quest game videos are boundaries of the original form that cannot be used. You need to edit them in a video editing program so that the audio lines are arranged correctly. Video recording will not record your microphone input. There is no such option at present.

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