TPCAST Air will be compatible with Oculus Quest

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摘要:上个月,虚拟现实(VR)头显的无线解决方案提供商TPCAST开始为欧洲和亚洲的业务部门推出用于Oculus Go解决方案的TPCAST Air。如今,TPCAST Air登陆了北美市场。

Last month, TPCAST, the leading wireless solution provider of virtual reality (VR), launched TPCAST Air for Oculus Go solutions for business units in Europe and Asia. Today, TPCAST Air is on the North American market. TPCAST Air, the company's second-generation wireless solution, was first launched in February for the Chinese market. The technology is based on Team VR, which can provide ultra-low latency wireless VR experience for 3-DOF applications on head display. Essentially, it allows users to streamline their PC content to VR integrators easily. TPCAST Air for Enterprise can be used in construction, engineering, architecture, interior decoration design, education and gym spinning industries, and can actually support different 3-DOF or 6-DOF VR machines. It supports multi-user applications, so location-based LBE venues can use this technology to transfer content in a timely manner, rather than users having to wear huge backpacks PC. As a single-user system, TPCAST Air for Oculus Go will be sold for $499. TPCAST also confirmed that AIR would be compatible with Oculus Quest and could support devices of Oculus Touch controllers. Oculus Quest's TPCAST Air is scheduled to be released in early August. TPCAST has expanded its wireless products to keep synchronization as companies like Oculus and HTC begin to guide users to use VR machines. You can still buy TPCAST Consumer Editions for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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