HTC Vive Pro Eye for $1599 is released in North America

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摘要:HTC以1599美元的价格在北美发布了Vive Pro Eye,Vive Pro Eye采用OLED屏幕技术,分辨率为2,880 x 1,600像素,110度视场角(FOV),集成麦克风和可移动耳机,是Vive Pro的升级产品,HTC Vive Pro Eye采用眼动追踪技术,可解锁一系列功能,以协助企业应用。

Vive Pro Eye was released by HTC in North America for $1599. Vive Pro Eye uses OLED screen technology with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,600 pixels, 110-degree FOV, integrated microphone and mobile headset. It is an upgrade of Vive Pro. HTC Vive Pro Eye uses eye tracking technology to unlock a series of functions to assist enterprise applications. It includes using expressive avatars in meetings and collaboration tools for more intuitive social interaction, capturing real-time user feedback through thermal mapping and gaze tracking to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior and decision-making processes. The Head Display is compatible with HTC Hand Controller and Tracking Base Station. Developers can create applications that you basically control with your eyes, move the cursor, and select items by gazing at them. Vive Pro Eye costs $1,599, including DisplayPort cables, USB 3.0 cables and power adapters. HTC launched a business-specific Vive Pro Eye Advantage service package, which costs 198 in Europe and 200 in North America. Vive Pro Eye added the gaze-oriented menu navigation function to get rid of the dependence on the control handle. With the application of eyeball tracking technology, enterprise users and developers can collect more data about their training environment through the new Vive Pro Eye, optimize the performance of computers and VR devices, and provide more detailed feedback to product design and research teams. Vive Pro Eye is available for immediate delivery and can be ordered here. & ldquo; Vive Pro has always been the preferred VR solution for global enterprises. With the growth and development of enterprise-level VR demand, Vive Pro Eye takes this technology further. From more effective training to more insightful data analysis, it provides professional users with tools to continue to improve the way VR works. & rdquo;

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