Amazon is selling 32GB Oculus Go for $169

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摘要:亚马逊正以169美元的价格出售32GB Oculus Go ,这是有史以来的最低价格,而且价格低于199美元。 Oculus Go支持1000多款应用程序和游戏,Oculus Go带来全新Casting屏幕投射功能。

Amazon is selling 32GB Oculus Go for $169, the lowest price ever, at less than $199. Oculus Go supports more than 1,000 applications and games, and Oculus Go brings new Casting screen projection capabilities. Non-VR users can view real-time VR images through mobile devices. Apps compatible with Android and the iPhone manage the header display and activate the projection function so that you can see what the player in the VR sees. Oculus Go has integrated audio, built-in microphones, headphones on both sides of the head display to make sound, and you can also connect to standard 3.5 mm headphones. Oculus Go can install a wide range of VR games, ranging from 315 MB to 1 GB. With Wi-Fi connections, you can use YouTube VR and Netflix applications, as well as other powerful Internet browsers for Web-based services and videos. If you are not connected to the Internet, Oculus supports local video downloads and purchases, and can upload content to devices. Oculus Go's built-in battery is non-removable and can run for two hours or more depending on your operation. The head display is also equipped with a miniature USB connector, which is usually the same as the connector on most portable batteries. Battery packs are very useful for extending the battery life of Oculus Go, which means that if you have a miniature USB connector on your 3-5 foot USB cable, you can put the battery pack in your pocket and connect the power cord to the head display to recharge the battery when it is in use. Oculus Go is very popular on Amazon, with more than 1,350 users giving more than four stars of reviews.

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