Index Head Show Compatible with Human Engineering Design

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摘要:从舒适的角度来看,Index的衬垫非常柔软; 头枕背面的旋钮可以让您精确调节松紧度,遮阳板围绕铰链旋转且磁性附着并且易于拆卸。 Valve表示,它计划发布CAD文件,以便第三方为Index制作配件,这有望成为售后选择的便利。

The cushion is very soft from a comfort point of view; the knob on the back of the pillow allows you to adjust the tightness accurately, and the sunshade rotates around the hinge and is magnetically attached and easy to disassemble. Valve said it planned to release CAD files so that third parties could make accessories for Index, which is expected to be a convenient choice for after-sales. Thanks to ergonomic design, you can easily place your eyes in the best position of the lens to achieve the best visual effect. This is not only for clarity, but also for vision. Valve said that they wanted most users to get a vision about 20 degrees larger than Vive's and clearly see that Index has the broadest and most desirable FOV. Index uses an LCD display with RGB sub-pixels, which has better fill factor/less screen door effect (SDE). Index significantly reduces SDE and improves resolution, which may be partly attributed to the larger exponential FOV (used to reduce pixel density compared with smaller FOV). The combination of high refresh rate and index's ultra-low persistence can keep the whole image clear. Persistence is the length of time for the pixels to stay lit, and in VR, lower is better, because illuminating the pixels in a shorter time can reduce blurring during head movement. Valve says Index is the first header to provide sub-pixel persistence, which theoretically means almost zero persistence ambiguity. Valve's & ldquo; floating & rdquo; headphone solution effectively achieves all the problems of audio pipeline solution, and achieves better audio quality and positioning audio accuracy. It can even be more immersive than earphone. The unique shape of earphone plays an important role in sound spatialization. Index headphones deliver more interaction with the ear than earphones that press directly into the ear.

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