Vive Cosmos Development Toolkit for developers

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摘要:在Vive开发人员网站上,该公司发布了一个Vive Cosmos开发入门指南,以帮助当前正在开发或已发布游戏的工作室微调他们对新头显的体验。Vive Cosmos将完全向后兼容当前的SteamVR游戏,开发人员可以根据需要进行升级,确保他们的游戏能够充分运行Vive Cosmos。

on the Vive developer website, the company released a & ldquo; Vive Cosmos Development Initial & rdquo; guide to help studios currently developing or releasing games fine-tune their new head-up experience. Vive Cosmos will be fully backward compatible with the current Steam VR game, and developers can upgrade as needed to ensure that their game can fully run Vive Cosmos. The Vive team said it would & ldquo; conduct a comprehensive test of Vive Cosmos over the next two months. & rdquo; So for developers, that means enough time to roll out updated versions for team testing. For consumers, this means that Vive Cosmos may be released in August. While this is good news for developers, it's well known that the biggest difference between Vive Cosmos and other PC-based Vive headsets is internal and external tracking. Vive and Vive Pro use Steam VR's Lighthouse system, which requires external base stations to be placed around the room, while Cosmos tracks all of them internally. Four cameras mounted on the head display can scan your surroundings and provide six degrees of freedom (6DOF) position tracking. This will make it easier to set up VR. After its January exposure, HTC has confirmed that Vive Cosmos will be launched in the third quarter. The Vive Cosmos Development Toolkit is now officially released to developers. HTC showed Vive Cosmos at the International Consumer Electronics Show in 2019, but was not ready to say much about it, let alone let anyone really try it. Now the company says the headphones will be launched in the third quarter and has begun sending development kits to developers. Cosmos is HTC's first PC VR header that does not use Valve's Team VR tracking technology. Although Cosmos will support Steam VR, HTC plans to use its own Viveport store as the default platform for Cosmos.

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