Defining the future time network with VR and presenting China (Guangdong) International “Internet +” Expo

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In October 15, 2017, the four day China (Guangdong) International Internet + Expo ended in the Guangdong International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that this exhibition is the first time to join hands with the world-class platform Hanover Exhibition. It integrates the four core themes of CeBIT (Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile) to build a top-level exhibition platform with the aim of brand promotion, technology exchange and industrial cooperation.

At this exhibition, Guangzhou Time Network Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the few invited representative enterprises of virtual reality in Guangzhou, has achieved remarkable performance.

Time Network is a thriving creative-driven cultural technology company founded by media and technology elites from Southern Weekend, Tencent and MIT. Founded in July 2016, the company has a "black box" series of service brands, including black box space-time, black box network, black box light three major departments, information services, business application solutions two product lines.

Time network cultivates VR industry, takes cultural creativity as its core competitiveness and technology as its leverage, constantly integrates the achievements of American technology and Chinese digital art, space design, hardware and software industries, and customizes various VR-centered applications and services for Chinese market. By using the latest VR/AR and holographic and 3D projection technology, time network promotes industry upgrading in government and enterprise publicity, parks, cultural exhibition venues, education and other fields.

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